Fantasy Football Draft Party – Season 3: Episode 25

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Shared September 11, 2020

Fantasy Football Draft Party
HowToBBQRight Podcast S3E25
with Malcom and Rachelle Reed

Malcom talks about hosting his Fantasy Football Draft Party and all the food we cooked, moving into our new HQ and grilled Fajita Night

This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we talk about Malcom’s Fantasy Football Draft Party (1:18), when he started playing Fantasy Football (5:17) and why the draft parties get better every year (9:11).

Then we talk about how Malcom cooked his Jerk Mon Pork Sliders (10:56), how to assemble a great charcuterie board (17:11), Chell’s Jalapeño Cheese Football (21:05), we talk about what made those Spare Ribs so good (23:29), and how Malcom cooked the Tri Tips with a reverse sear (30:18).

Then we talked about what it took to plan this party (36:03) and how difficult it is to cook the Carolina Meatballs (39:31). Finally we talked about our new HQ (43:32), Malcom’s run on Sirloin Steaks (47:40) and our Fajita Dinner night (50:30).

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