Jerry Heasley

My career as a full time freelance auto journalist for car magazines (6,000 plus magazine articles and 20 books) centers around my three columns, called "Rare Finds," (barn finds) that I began writing monthly since 1991 in 5 different magazines (Hot Rod Mustang, followed by Mustang Monthly), Vette, Muscle Car Review, Mopar Muscle, and most recently Hot Rod Magazine.. I've written over 800 barn find stories, and now dozens on YouTube. I encourage viewers to email or call me with leads on car discoveries. I travel in the United States and internationally. If a person owns a barn find, I can help them find a buyer and get their car appraised at its true value for a sale. See how I do this in my latest videos, such as the 1967 Shelby GT-400 barn find in Iowa. My email is [email protected] and number is 806-236-3681. © All rights reserved